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Raquel Andueza & Jesús Fernández Baena: "In Paradiso".

During this week from the 12th to the 18th of November, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Raquel Andueza & Jesús Fernández Baena: "In Paradiso".

Raquel Andueza & Jesús 

Fernández Baena - In Paradiso

Raquel Andueza & Jesús Fernández Baena
"In Paradiso"



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IN PARADISO. Italian music from the 17th century, with sacred and moral themes. Ten songs with ten very different stories, and a very different approach. They include a girl who does not want to be a nun and an Arianna transformed into Mary Magdalene who is very profanely torn apart by the death of Jesus Christ; all of which is accompanied by three moral songs which warn us of the dangers of not being virtuous, a mystical sonnet by Domenico Mazocchi with words in Spanish, and other expressive songs such as the visionary lullaby by Tarquinio Merula, the Stabat Mater of Giovanni F. Sances and the Cantata Spirituale by Benedetto Ferrari.

Personal notes
First of all, thanks. Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to complete Anima e Corpo. Our first “baby”, ‘Yo soy la locura’, was well received by the public and critics alike, and also at Spanish festivals, whose association decided to award us the “FestClásica 2011” award. This, combined with our enthusiasm, inspired us to embark on the adventure of recording this second album.
We shut ourselves away for three days in the old San Pedro church, which has been converted into the current La Torre Cultural Centre, in Guadarrama, Madrid. It was the start of February and the weather was terrible. Storms, freezing cold and, what worried us most, hurricane winds which inevitably filtered through to the microphones. I must confess that it was very inspiring to sing, for example, the words of “Stabat Mater Dolorosa” at half-light, while the wind roared deafeningly. Although our sound technician Gerardo certainly wasn’t quite so happy…
We also had moments which were much more prosaic, such as trying to stop a bulldozer which had started to threaten our second day of recording. Rather than ignore us, the construction workers understood the delicacy of the matter and stopped the engines of the machines as soon as they stopped using them, and we even coordinated our breaks so that they did not coincide. That is real teamwork.
Et voilà, the day arrived. We hope that we got it right.

Raquel Andueza

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