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Roberto Cacciapaglia: "Live from Milan".

During this week from the 7th to the 13th of May, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Roberto Cacciapaglia: "Live from Milan".

Roberto Cacciapaglia
"Live from Milan"


 Review from www.robertocacciapaglia.com


"My mother often said one thing to me", the artist tells the audience. "There are two moments in the day when everything stops, one straight after dawn and the other straight after sunset. Moments suspended, in silence". Moments, that is, that the world today is in great need of. And, as it happens, it is just moments like these that Cacciapaglia’s music takes us to, gracefully, but deeply. So experience it yourself, watch his music on the DVD, and listen again to his music on the double CD. In the here-and-now physical interaction between piano, orchestra and electronic rarefactions.

Music conceived and performed in such a way can never be reduced to mere intellectual exercise, it contains a power that erupts and expands. The sound waves that develop around those making and listening to such music envelop and embrace. This music does not eschew emotion, it seeks it and awakens it. In fact on stage Cacciapaglia pursues the primordial, inner silence of inspiration then lets it flow out one sound at a time, "making it" and "making it again", committed to every note together with the other musicians and with the audience. In this rite, in which the artist seeks purity in giving himself, and the listeners in being ushered into worlds in abeyance, prompting "other" emotions in the artist, stirring him onward in his work.

This is the reason behind making Roberto Cacciapaglia’s DVD. Respecting the magic of communication that is live and thus reciprocal, the DVD defines it physically, beyond the here and now.

While at the same time it gives a snapshot of all the steps along the paths taken by Cacciapaglia, finally offering as a treat a "first", a piano solo encircled by choreography, still strictly observing the artist’s musical conception.

In fact the video direction is intentionally flat: this is not a film, it always remains music. And for this reason long shots are favoured over close-ups, so that the close-up is always the music, that rite of mutual communication between performer and audience. Inevitably a DVD conceived in such a way serves a functional project in that it prevents misconstruing how physical Cacciapaglia’s music is by revealing in practice how the power of sound, that he has been studying for years, is not something merely abstract but is instead composed of sense data to be approached diligently and with respect. In short, it enables viewers of the DVD to share in the tangible result of his artistry, "live".

Because a path in and beyond music is never ending, as long as what enhances the intellect impelling it to accept the challenge of emotion, is making music that becomes action, substance, dialogue, enfin, life.

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