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Soundtrack: "Pina".

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Let me start with the summary that should normally conclude an article.

This album encompasses a lot of things. Many topics, lots of art, much artistry, a lot of music, many people, many nationalities.

The album contains different music genres. All the artists work with a major professionalism. It's about a project involving dance, film and music, executed and performed with professional knowledge and skill.

And now my personal opinion. I find this music so beautiful that listening to it on my MP3 player is insufficient. The volume should sound from the speakers. Again, there is a lot: a lot of beauty and emotion.

Many topics

Pina is the soundtrack to the Wim Wenders film made in homage to the German dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and artistic director of the Wupertal Tanztheater: Pina Bausch. Through the unique style and close collaboration with musicians and dancers while creating a performance, she was (and still is) a great influence on contemporary choreographers and dancers.

Director and documentary filmmaker Wim Wenders and Pina Bausch, met in Venice, after a performance of the choreography CafŽ MŸller. They became friends, and with the passage of time the plan for a joint film grew. But Wenders felt confronted with the limitations of the movie medium in order to visualise the unique movement, gesture, language and music. The story goes that the plan became a joke among friends: "When?", "Once I know how... ".

It was actually the digitally produced 3D film of the Irish rock band U2 (U2 3D), which brought Wenders the idea that the use and application of 3D could make the project achievable. By adding space to the two-dimensional plan, the director considered it possible to visualise Pina's Tanztheater. In early 2009 the preproduction of the project started. But several months later disaster struck. Pina Bausch died suddenly and unexpectedly on June 30. Wenders was encouraged by fans, family, friends and dancers to continue the project. The film became a tribute to the grande dame of the dance. As from this spring, the film is shown in cinemas.

A lot of music

It's hard to judge soundtracks without talking about the image, especially when it comes to a film about dance where music and rhythm are essential. However, music can certainly be experienced and lived without viewing the shots made by the filmmaker and the movements performed by the dancers.

Six of the fifteen tracks on the album are the work of Thom Hanreich. He wrote new compositions for the film. The works are short (from 1:07 to 2:28) and can best be describe as moods. The pieces are very diverse. Hanreich also composed the minimalist title track Pina. Passages reminiscent of Nyman, others to Einaudi, in others you will hear influences from folk music. My One and Only Love sounds like a genuine jazz traditional. Three tracks are the work of Jun Miyake. Miyake is famous as a jazz musician and composer of television music and soundtracks for commercials. He worked with several choreographers including Bausch. Lillies of the Valley is the song that can be heard in the movie trailer. MŽmoires de Futur I is composed by RenŽ Aubry. This multi-instrumentalist mixes classical harmonies with modern instrumentation.

And, there is much more: The song Fat Ass Joint is a funk experiment by Amon Tobin (Cujo). O let me weep, for ever weep is a composition by Purcell, performed by The English Chamber Orchestra. In the work of Hazmat Modine one recognizes: blues, reggae, klezmer, country and gypsy. Bahamut sounds a bit as the memorable and catchy song Bare Necessities of Bear Balou in the Disney movie Jungle Book. Garmano Rocha sings a Portuguese song: Os mues olgos (my eyes). La Prima Vez is a moving Sephardic traditional performed by The New World Renaissance Band (voice: Owen Phyfe).

Today I am in the mood to keep Lillies of the Valley, Fat Ass Joint and La Prima Vez on repeat on my sound system. I invite you to experience the same. You should buy, own, listen to and experience this fascinating variety of musical styles.

Bernadette ALLAERT

Posted on 2012-01-09 10:45:47.277