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Gurrumul: "Rrakala".

During this week from the 21th to the 27th of November, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Gurrumul: "Rrakala".



 Review from www.themusicnetwork.com


Rrakala is the highly anticipated sophomore album from indigenous artist Gurrumul.

The same quality that initially saw Gurrumul shift more than half a million copies of his debut album and land effusive critical praise from all corners of the globe is again present on Rrakala; the beautiful harmonic vocals of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, sang in his native language. This alone is what instantly sets his music apart from not only anything else that is being done right now, but anything that had been heard in popular music prior to his ascent.

Musically, Rrakala incorporates piano, drums, double bass and an array of guitar sounds; including electric and nylon string acoustic. The latter constantly compliments Gurrumal's powerful voice, which resonates throughout each track.

The album pays respect to both the land, and kin; Track three Bayini is full of heartfelt praise which conveys a connection to the land through the Gopuru (Tuna), which chases close kin. It's songs such as these that display the genuine sense of culture infused in Gurrumal's music.

Track five Ya Yawirriny (which roughly translates to Young Men) is a pleasant change of pace for the album; the guitar work presents quick, quirky strokes whilst an electric guitar layers a melodic rhythm over the song, as Gurrumul echoes with the [translated] "We’re salt water people/Coconuts abound/The Sea’s are calm/Here at Galiwin’ku."

Rrakala presents so many different sounds and whether it be the accomplished guitar work or strong piano keys, each element works perfectly together to create a pleasing symphony of sound. However this is merely a bedrock for Gurrumul to lay his vocals.

What is particularly remarkable about this album is that even though the average listener cannot, in any real way, relate to the lyrics, they can still connect with the emotion behind what is being sung. This is solely due to the power and emotion present in Gurrumul’s voice, an old age trick that is impossible to approximate. It’s no wonder that artists such as Elton John, will.i.am and Sting have sung his praises; this is music in which a language barrier is no barrier at all.

Jazz Lewis

Posted on 2011-11-21 10:38:37.72