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Patrick Bernard: "Paix Amour & Lumiere".

During this week from the 29th August to the 4th of September, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the album of Patrick Bernard: "Paix Amour & Lumiere".

Patrick Bernard
"Paix Amour & Lumiere"



 Review from www.allegro-music.com


Few artists tap into the emotions with their music quite like Patrick Bernard. Blending sublime vocal tones with dreamy arrangements, Bernard's music soothes the soul and touches the heart. With PAIX AMOUR & LUMIERE, the maestro once again weaves a soothing spell over listeners with a suite of ten angel-kissed pieces of music designed to open one to greater love and internal harmony. Woven into the music is an invocation: "peace, love and light on earth and in my heart." Wrapped in lush layers of symphonic strings, subtle percussion and epic fantasias of keyboards, flute, harp and guitar that have been enhanced with therapeutic sound vibrations, Bernard creates a listening experience that will move you in more ways than one. Great for healing work, meditation and cleansing the mind of daily cares.

Posted on 2011-08-29 10:15:37.883