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MiloŇ° Karadaglic: "Mediterraneo".

During this week from the 18th to the 24th of July, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Miloš Karadaglic "Mediterraneo".

Miloš Karadaglic 


 Review from www.deutschegrammophon.com


Karadaglic is as driven and as talented [as Dominic Cooper], and has the faintly freakish edge you see in every world-class young talent . . .

. . . an uplifting tribute to a little-heard instrument.

. . . [Albéniz' "Asturias"] is delivered with poise and clarity, while the superb trilling triplets of Tárrega's "Recuerdos de la Alhambra" are perfectly measured.

The sudden emergence of this young Montenegrin guitarist is just what the guitar world needs right now. Milos Karadaglic is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his instrument's repertoire . . . [The pieces] sound perfectly natural on the guitar, and Milos is already expanding the repertoire . . . effortlessly brilliant and deeply expressive . . .

Karadaglic can articulate rapidly with the best of them, but what stands out even in busy textures is an unshakably serene breadth of phrasing, fluent rhythm and unforced rubato. In Spanish music this is impressively idiomatic . . .

Lovers of the classical guitar have a new hero in the young Montenegran Milos Karadaglic, whose artistry is so compelling that it should win many new admirers . . The playing is lithe, subtle of timbre and transcendentally beautiful.

Supremely unhurried, unusually expressive . . . a crisp, engaging performance . . . Milos is at his best with the quiet . . . lovely.

. . . a well-filled disc . . . extremely thoughtful in selection, and making for an enjoyable hour-plus of listening. This young man has technique to burn . . . forthright and direct, exceptionally passionate . . . The Albeniz "Asturias" fares well under Milos's temperament, as exciting as you will ever hear it . . . significant readings . . . a beautifully-played recital that has a lot to offer . . . Milos gets an "A" for enthusiasm and brilliance of style, and it will be very interesting to chart his artistic course over the coming years.

. . . there are masterpieces here: classic arrangements of piano pieces from Albéniz's "Suite espagnola" and Granados's "Danzas espagnolas", dazzlingly played, and works by the contemporary composers Carlo Domeniconi and Mikis Theodorakis that emphasise the Islamic influence on this essentially Mediterranean music.

. . . extremely persuasive musicianship . . . Karadaglic is a thoughtful, intelligent artist, as supple in his phrasing as he is generous in his use of colour.

. . . [der 28-Jährige beweist] sein Talent mit virtuosen Interpretationen ausgewählter Werke . . .


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