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Biggi Hilmars: "Cinematic Songs".

During this week from the 4th to the 10th of July, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Biggi Hilmars "Cinematic Songs".

Biggi Hilmars
"Cinematic Songs"

 Review from www.reverbnation.com

Blending classical, electronic, ambient, avant-garde and pop influences, Biggi Hilmars has developed a distinctive, haunting, provocative, original music style, for which he is becoming so sought-after. Born in 1978 in Reykjavik, the London based composer and artist has already made an impact on the film and tv scene composing for international films such as IDFA and Edda Awards nominee ‘Future of Hope’ (2010) and ‘Heaven on Earth’ (2009) by award winning director Deepa Mehta. His music has appeared on international tv series ‘Kyle XY’, ‘The Cleaner’, ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Army Wives’ and on major brands ad spots for Motorola, Toyota, Nike and Ikea.

Furthermore, Biggi fronts the band Ampop, which has written award-winning albums ‘My Delusions’ (2006), ‘Sail to the Moon’ (2007) and a string of hits 'My Delusions', 'Gets Me Down' in his homeland. Being from a musical family (his father being guitarist and his mother a soprano), his father played for him as a child, planting the seeds of what would become a fruitful musical career.

Brought up listening to artists such as Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Electric Light Orchestra, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno and The Beatles, his interest in classical music was never far away. In his late 20´s after moving to London he started working with classical musicians, which lit his interest in writing classical music, being influenced by modern composers Philip Glass, Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, John Williams and Yann Tiersen.

Biggi’s latest composition named 'Ponds' (available here) was heard by around 105 million American viewers on Sunday Feb 5th - when Motorola's new flagship commercial for the 'Xoom Android tablet', for which he composed, produced and recorded the music, was broadcast in one of the prestigious Super Bowl advertising slots.

Posted on 2011-07-04 10:45:32.603