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Wim Mertens: "Series Of Ands - Immediate Givens".

During this week from the 9th to the 15th of May, at 12:00 AM and 12:00 PM (Madrid Time), you can listen to excerpts from the new album of Wim Mertens "Series Of Ands - Immediate Givens".

Wim Mertens
"Series Of Ands - Immediate Givens"



 Review from www.wimmertens.com

  With his new double album Series of ands-Immediate givens Wim Mertens achieves an enlarged musical scale. In total, more than 30 musicians participated in this production. A complete scale of strings, horns, guitars, harp and even an authentic harpsichord (it's the first time that Mertens includes this instrument in his music) ensures an orchestral sound and a striking development of the composer's palette.

Various tracks for which the artist has been comissioned are featured in this production, among other the music for a Dior fashion show in Paris in 2008 (In.Zones and Tactility) and the music composed within the context of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union - music which was used at the same time for the Belgian pavilion at the World Exposition in Shanghai (Oeuvrer, 2010).

Mertens also presents the title Indexed by the arche-fossil based on the music composed for the documentary about Willem Elsschot 'Erfgenaam van Elsschot', directed by the Dutch Suzanne Raes.

Series of ands is possible thanks to Immediate givens. What is immediately given is not subject to all sorts of operations. On the contrary, it will remain autonomous, simply like it is. Arrangements based on calculations stay exclusively at the service of what is immediately given. It's only in the performance that at the last moment an anchoring will take its place without fixed place. So presents itself what doesn't have a permanent place without the support of an inaudible background noise. It is so that the Immediate givens are only connected to Series of ands by an air de famille.

The cover and the different titles - Unwitnessed ancestral phenomena, Indexed by the arche-fossil and The fossil argument - seem to refer to a refusal of linear time in favour of a broader temporal experience before human existence.

Series of ands - Immediate givens includes a remarkable solo of the Belgian Anneleen Lenaerts who in the meantime was selected as new harpist of the Vienna Philharmonic.


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